Il Grande Anello dei Sibillini

Il Grande Anello dei Sibillini

Il Grande Anello dei Sibillini

untouched nature and magic

A journey through myths and legends

This is an adventure that remains in your heart, both for the beauty that mother nature puts at our disposal, for the varied food and wine experience, for the genuineness of the people and finally for the still evident signs that the 2016 earthquake left. in these villages. If you decide to embark on this journey independently, we invite you to support the communities of these enchanting places by eating and staying overnight at the facilities in the area. The park has two routes, one for bicycles 170km long, with many provincial roads and stretches of asphalt and one for trekking or MTB of a difficult level which however has many impervious sections even to climb. Basecamp523 has redesigned the big loop in expert mode by mixing the two tracks and eliminating the climbs where you have to push the bike for a long time. Furthermore, there are long stretches without water points, an off-road vehicle will assist you in the key points for you to refresh and refresh yourself so that you can enjoy the journey with minimal weight in your backpack. We will also transport a forklift bike and a mobile workshop to ensure complete assistance also from the point of view of mechanics. The route requires good physical and technical preparation even on an E-Bike.

Guided tour

You will be led by certified MTB instructors who will assist you along the way with both technical advice and emergency mechanics. Contact us for an interview, we will be happy to assist you.

Starting Point

The trip starts from Visso, at the headquarters of the Sibillini National Park, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy where full access is not yet possible due to the 2016 earthquake.


For this type of trip we offer 2 accommodation options: - camping - refuge Those who choose the campsite can rent a tent or other accessories through Basecamp523. Contact us for more information.

Rent an E-Bike

Ride safely and in maximum comfort with our high-end E-MTBs. The E-bike allows you to cover many kilometers and significant altitude differences even if we are not at the best of our physical shape. Click on the icon to discover our bikes!

Day 1 - From Visso to Bolognola
Departure at 9 from Visso. Cross the plains of Macereto, on an itinerary once traveled by pilgrims. Go down a path to Fiastra tra and immerse yourself in the lake with turquoise waters. Go up to the plains of Ragnolo, crossing plateaus and centuries-old beech woods with glimpses where the eye reaches the sea. Overnight at the refuge or campsite.
Day 2 - From Bolognola to Colle di Montegallo
Enter the Gola dell’Infernaccio crossing its rivers along wooden bridges. Breathe the myth of Mount Sibilla and get ready to tackle challenging technical descents and ascents. Beyond the gorge, the landscape is characterized by arid grasslands which, further down, fade into the woods, cultivated fields and abandoned ones. The views are enchanting, they allow us to admire the hills of Fermo and Ascolano with a view that reaches the sea, while on our right the mountains rise and become more rugged until we see Mount Carrier with its 2476 m asl.
Day 3 - From Colle di Montegallo to Visso
The first part of the route winds at the foot of the imposing eastern slope of Monte Vettore. From the ridhe, which dominates the small hamlets of Montegallo, ditches and gullies of glacial origin precipitate, which convey the spring and meteoric waters into the basin of the Fluvione torrent, a tributary of the Tronto River. We then continue along the “path of the reapers”, once traveled by laborers who went, at night, to “make the square” in the mountain villages, that is, waiting for the arrival, at the first light of dawn, of the landowners to be engaged in the work of the harvest. From the Forca di Presta pass, where a break for a sandwich with the famous local butchery is a must, continue for about 3 km, up to the “Belvedere”, a panoramic point that allows us to admire the Laga mountains. From here we continue on the paths on the ridge that make us exceed 1800 m asl and admire the plans of Castelluccio from above. We are preparing to descend a steep mule track that takes us to Campi. From here we go up and enjoy the last long descent to Visso.




from €339 /person
camping mode

from €389 /person
structure mode

Are you interested? Fill in the form
Are you interested? Fill in the form
    • Trip type: guided excursion with experiences
    • Length: 8 days / 7 nights
    • Total distance covered by bike: about 150km
    • Starting point: Fabriano (AN)


by car: plan to /

by train: Fabriano station

by plane: Falconara/Roma/Bologna airport and then train to Fabriano

  • Accomodation: twin or double room with B&B service Overnight stay tax to be paid at the accomodation Price supplement of a single room to be evaluated upon the departure date
  • Bike rental: T-Tronik 9.1 Bianchi, battery capacity 630Wh. You can join the trip with your bike as long as it is adeguate to the itinerary you have chosen. Click below and ask a question to the team leader. Own bike reduction: €190.
  • Trip data such as distance and elevation gain are to be considered indicative, as the organizer may deem it appropriate to make changes to the route for the safety of the group, depending on the weather conditions or for other reasons.
  • We recommend to buy an insurance policy. Liability, medical expenses and lost luggage insurance included.
  • Price valid up to changes in the offer or errors.

Frequently asked questions

Fill the form that you can find at the bottom of this page or send an email to We will get in touch with you and we will make sure that your expectations will be met. We will send you the bank details at least a week before the first payment.

Repeatable upon request of a minimum group of 2 participants.

Yes, as long as it is in good condition and is suitable for the itinerary of the experience.

To confirm your reservation you must pay 25% of the package value and the remaining 30 days from the departure date. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card (we will send you a link via email). If you book within 30 days we require full payment for the experience. Payments can be made by bank transfer: or by credit card, we will send you a payment link once the package is defined.

In the event of withdrawal from the travel contract, the consumer is required to pay a penalty, calculated on the basis of the number of days left before the start of the trip. The calculation of the days does not include that of withdrawal, the written communication of which must be received on a working day prior to the start of the trip:
a) withdrawal up to 31 days before the start of the trip: 10% of the total amount
b) withdrawal from 30 to 21 days before the start of the trip: 25% of the total amount
c) withdrawal from 20 to 11 days before the start of the trip: 50% of the total amount
d) withdrawal from 10 to 4 days before the start of the trip: 75% of the total amount
e) withdrawal within 3 days. before the start of the trip: 100%.

We remind you that you can take out an insurance policy to cover the risks of trip cancellation. Contact us for further information

from €339 /person
E-MTB rental not included

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Richiedi Informazioni e Prenotazioni

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Surely recommend if you like to experience new things or if you are a cycling lover. Marco took us around, up and down the best places of his motherland and explained curious facts in both English and German languages. We passed through untouched wild places and forgotten villages by riding the latest e-bike on the market. We even asked for a small deviation from the original path and that was not a problem. I will definitely repeat the experience next year!
The tour was amazing just like the guides. The tour was the perfect combination of cycling and enjoying the beautiful landscape. The guides were super flexibel and friendly. I can recommend this company to everbody who wants to have a perfect day.
Anne Weike
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La bicicletta è uno strumento di esplorazione, che ci permette di spostarci lungo distanze importanti a velocità ridotte, ci fa godere i paesaggi, gli odori, ci avvicina alle persone dei luoghi che visitiamo e a noi stessi. Per vivere un’esperienza a pieno la scelta della tua bicicletta è chiave. Il nostro parco bici Bianchi è composto da biciclette elettriche da fuoristrada e biciclette muscolari da strada. Contatta lo staff di Basecamp523 per capire qual’è la scelta adatta alle tue esigenze.

T-Tronik Rebel 9.1

La e-bike Bianchi TTronik Rebel è sinonimo di lunghe giornate sui sentieri di montagna. Alimentata dall’unità motore centrale Bianchi (250W, 85Nm) e dalla batteria integrata realizzata su misura (630Wh), TTronik Rebel garantisce potenza in qualsiasi situazione. La 9.1 è una bicicletta biammortizzata definita appunto “Full” con le migliori sospensioni di questa categoria che garantiscono massima comodità e stabilità su fondi sconnessi.

T-Tronik Sport 9.2

La pedalata assistita è garantita dalla nuova unità motore centrale Bianchi, ottimizzata con un setup specifico per MTB al fine di ottimizzare l’assetto su superfici sconnesse e fuoristrada. Il motore da 250W è alimentato da una batteria da 504Wh, e mette a disposizione cinque potenti livelli di assistenza: nessuna salita o pendenza impossibile riuscirà a fermarti. Questa è una bicicletta ammortizzata nell’anteriore e con un’escursione minore rispetto all “Full”, permettendo comunque un’ottima stabilità nel fuoristrada, rimane più nervosa e con una minore autonomia rispetto alla “Full”.


Zydeco si conferma gamma di riferimento per il gravel nel suo modello iconico che si è evoluto negli anni dalla disciplina del ciclocross. Questa bicicletta muscolare è la scelta ideale per chi ama pedalare tra strade bianche, sentieri scorrevoli e asfalto. Oggi, la migliorata potenza del freno a disco idraulico con perno passante si coniuga alla scelta del gruppo gravel Shimano GRX, ancora più efficiente grazie al sistema dumper di stabilizzazione della catena Shadow RD+ e più ergonomico e sicuro grazie all’accentuata curva delle leve e al grip della presa, per un controllo totale su ogni terreno. La sella San Marco con grafica custom Zydeco completa una bicicletta capolavoro.



Strade bianche e strade asfaltate, che non richiedono particolari capacità di tecniche di guida. si tratta per lo più di strade bianche o sentieri scorrevoli in sottobosco o in aperta pianura che presentano un terreno con buon grip o con ciottoli poco smossi. E’ richiesto un buono stato di forma fisica.



Sono richieste competenze di tecnica di guida per affrontare mulattiere scoscese e sentieri stretti in contropendenza. I passaggi più difficili richiedono un uso misurato dei freni e la capactà di influire sulla traiettoria attraverso lo spostamento del corpo. E’ necessario un buono stato di forma fisica.



Sono richieste ottime competenze di tecnica di guida per affrontare single track che presentano molti passaggi tecnici costituiti da blocchi di roccia e/o radici. Si incontreranno spesso gradoni alti, tornanti e pendenze difficili e raramente passaggi scorrevoli. Vengono definiti “hard” anche percorsi che non richiedono particolari capacità tecniche, ma dove è richiesta un’ottimale preparazione fisica.