What is the Self-Guided service?

The “Self-Guided” service offers a personalized and flexible cycling travel experience.

Unlike traditional tours with a physical guide, participants follow a digital itinerary via an app, allowing them to explore at their own pace, without giving up valuable advice from a local guide that will appear in the app along the way.

The “Self-Guided” service is the perfect option for cyclists looking for a personalized travel experience, with the freedom to explore independently and the security of a digital guide always at hand.

Features of the Self-Guided Tour

Digital Guide:

You receive a link where you can access the digital track that serves as a guide for your itinerary. We install a phone holder on all bicycles so you can comfortably view the guide while pedalling. This allows you to follow a predefined route with ease.


Along the route, waypoints will pop up on your smart phone as you go providing information on various points of interest. These can include restaurants, water refill stations, scenic spots, and other attractions.

scenic spots and other attractions.


This tour is ideal for those who want to explore in total freedom. Without the need to follow a group, cyclists can take as much time as they want on each stage.

Real Time Support:

You're never truly alone. Our real-time support allows you to access immediate assistance. This includes real-time route modifications or clarifications on route directions,  alternative paths in case of unexpected road closures.

The advantages of the self-guided tour


You decide when and where to stop, without having to adapt to a group's schedule.

Personalized experience:

Explore the attractions that interest you most and spend as much time as you want in each location.


With a digital trail at your fingertips, you can feel confident and explore without restrictions.

No minimum number of participants

Unlike guided tours which may require a minimum number of participants, the self-guided tour allows you to start your journey regardless of the number of cyclists, even if you are alone.

Luggage Transfer:

Travel light and enjoy the ride, you will find your luggage in the next accommodation facility.

Technical requirements


To access the digital guide, participants will need to download and use a specific app that will provide the route indications and waypoint notifications. 


The app will be available for major mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS.

Download and Installation:

Specific instructions for downloading and installing the digital guide will be provided at the time of your booking.

Emergency Mechanic:

While basic mechanical skills are not mandatory for participation, we encourage participants to familiarize themselves with simple bike maintenance.


Safety tips

Even though the tour is self-guided, we always recommend wearing a helmet and appropriate clothing for the route. A list of useful things to bring will be shared at the time of booking.

24h support:

Although there is no physical guide, our team will always be available by phone for assistance in case of problems or emergencies

Frequently asked questions


Our app is designed to download maps offline, so you can navigate even without internet connection.


We recommend keeping your phone in airplane mode and carrying with you a “power bank”(we can provide it).


You can call 24h at +393714493100 and if we cannot solve it over the phone, we will find a solution for you.

Requests for physical interventions for punctures and small emergency mechanical problems (e.g. dropped chain) will be charged €50 for the service call plus 0,5 euro per kilometre from the rescuer’s starting point.

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The "Self-Guided" service is the perfect option for cyclists looking for a personalized travel experience, with the freedom to explore independently and the security of a digital guide always at hand.

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