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T-Tronik Rebel 9.1

The e-bike Bianchi TTronik Rebel means long days spent over trails. Its engine can power (250W, 85Nm) and has a long durable battery (630Wh), TTronik Rebel guarantees assistance at any time. La 9.1 is “Full” bike which means has front and rear suspensions which provides the best comfort in all conditions.

T-Tronik Sport 9.2

The pedal assistance system is guaranteed by the new Bianchi central motor unit, optimized with a specific setup for MTB to be able to tailor the set-up on uneven and off-road surfaces. The 250W motor is powered by a 504Wh battery, and offers five powerful levels of assistance: no impossible climb or incline will be able to stop you. This is a bicycle with front suspension and with a shorter excursion than the “Full”, which still allowing excellent stability in off-roading altghough it remains more nervous and with less autonomy than the “Full”.


Zydeco keeps providing the best for gravel, representing a unique union of road, touring and gravel seeking. Say Zydeco and you say gravel. Whether you love unpaved roads, asphalt or smooth single tracks, this is the bike for you. And Zydeco keeps up with promises, always evolving while keeping truel to its soul. In this faithful claim for novelty, the improved braking efficiency of thru axle and the hydraulic braking system join the gravel specific Shimano GRX groupset, featuring increased reliability in terms of gear efficiency with its Shadow RD+ chain stabilization system and the most ergonomic leverage with curved shape and anti-slip coating for ideal control on allterrain. Completes the outstanding work a San Marco Era saddle with matching Zydeco colors.

Zydeco Gravel