Explore Umbria like never before:

The first experiential self-guided tour that goes beyond simple tasting, for an authentic and multi-sensory adventure in the heart of Italy.


Explore Umbria like never before...

Breathe in the medieval atmosphere of Gubbio and let yourself go to enchant from Giotto’s frescoes in Assisi.

Live the food and wine experience of Umbria: during this tour you will be able to taste the prestigious Sagrantino wine in Montefalco and delight your palate with the gastronomic delicacies of Norcia, home of the black truffle.

Stay in suggestive structures, such as converted convents and traditional Umbrian farmhouses, with the possibility of enriching your trip with experiences , such as visits to oil mills, artisan workshops and traditional cooking lessons.

Explore Rasiglia , known as the “Borgo delle Acque”, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and be captured by the charm of unique villages such as Cannara, Deruta, Sellano and Spello, authentic pearls outside the commercial circuits.

Experience the thrill of cycling on the famous Spoleto-Norcia cycle path: a cycling adventure along the old railway , among suggestive tunnels, history and natural landscapes that paint the perfect picture of this fascinating region

Umbria: diamond city and hidden villages

Starting from €799
  • 9 days / 8 nights
  • Traditional farmhouses, Convents converted into fascinating accommodation facilities, Country Houses, B&Bs in historic centers and villages
  • RC, Medical, Baggage - included for residents in Italy

Meeting point and how to get there

The meeting point is Gubbio. It is possible to arrive with:


“San Francesco di Assisi” Perugia Airport (45 km from Gubbio) www.airport.umbria.it

“Raffaello Sanzio” Ancona-Falconara Airport (90 km from Gubbio) www.ancona-airport.com/

“Federico Fellini” Rimini Airport (130 km from Gubbio) www.riminiairport.com/


Rome – Ancona railway line: Fossato di Vico/Gubbio station, connected by bus service (18 km from Gubbio)

Florence – Terentola – Perugia railway line Perugia/Fontivegge station connected by bus service (40 km from Gubbio) to consult train timetables: www.trenitalia.it


For those coming from the North:
A14 Adriatica motorway, exit at Fano and continue towards (Rome) - Gubbio

A1 del Sole motorway, exit at Arezzo and continue towards (Città di Castello) - Gubbio

For those coming from the South:

A1 del Sole motorway, exit at Orte towards Perugia - Cesena until the exit for Gubbio A14 Adriatica motorway, exit at Ancona - Nord and continue towards (Jesi - Fabriano) - Gubbio


www.fsbusitalia.it – connections with Perugia, Fossato di Vico station, Gualdo Tadino, Umbertide, Città di Castello and other localities and hamlets of the Municipality of Gubbio and the Province of Perugia

www.sulga.it – connections with Rome – Tiburtina Station and Fiumicino Airport

www.autolineegiovannini.com – connections with the municipalities of the tourist area

Hidden treasures of Umbria

Venture into the Spoleto-Norcia cycle path

Multisensory Experiences

Open Badges

Be amazed by Rasiglia, the “Borgo delle Acque”, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Lose yourself in the streets of the village of Cannara, discover the art of majolica in Deruta. Stay in Sellano, one of the most fascinating and intact areas of the Umbrian Apennines, and then end the tour in Spello, another authentic pearl outside the commercial circuits.

An experience that combines adventure, nature and history. Cross the dark tunnels lit only with your bike lights, the viaducts and bridges of the old railway, with views of the harmonious hills and the Apennines.

While your taste and smell will be delighted by the cooking classes and local specialties, such as pork butchery and black truffle, your hands and eyes will be involved in the lively artisanal experiences of Deruta and Rasiglia.

Complete the “Umbria: diamond cities and hidden villages” tour and earn an Open Badge, a digital recognition that celebrates your new skills and experiences acquired.

Day 1 Arrival in Gubbio

Arrival in the beautiful medieval town of Gubbio: check-in will be followed by free time for participants to explore the town. In the afternoon, there will be a welcome meeting with briefing and bike fitting, followed by a group dinner to break the ice.

Day 2 Gubbio - Assisi

The second day of the tour begins with a pleasant ride from Gubbio to Assisi, surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of Umbria. Arriving in Assisi, the group heads to the historic Basilica of St. Francis, a masterpiece of medieval art, where you can admire frescoes by Giotto and other notable artists. The day ends at a country house just outside Assisi, where you will stay and experience a cooking class, which will get you hands-on, before a well-deserved rest.

Route: From Gubbio, you’ll bike south, soon encountering the hills and woods of San Francesco. You continue on, penetrating between the valley of the Chiascio River and the castles set atop the slopes. You’ll reach Valfabbrica and then, from Pieve San Niccolò, the landscape opens up over the valleys among olive groves and vineyards to Assisi.

Optional: If you wish you can participate in an inspiring cooking class in the Country House with swimming pool, the enchanting place where you’ll sleep during the stage. In this way, you can discover the secrets of Umbrian cuisine, putting your hands to pasta and savoring the authentic taste of local tradition.

Day 3 Assisi - Deruta- Cannara

The third day of the tour, will see you pedaling on a stage with little elevation gain to Deruta, famous for its craftsmanship in majolica production.

You will explore the workshops, leaving you fascinated by local creativity.

You will continue through fascinating onion fields until you reach Cannara, the hometown of this vegetable.

Arriving in Cannara, soak up the atmosphere of a village that retains its connection to traditions, savoring authentic culinary delights. The evening is free to explore the town and its artistic and architectural treasures.

Route: We leave Assisi toward the plains, pedalling between the Chiascio and Topino streams through a rural landscape. At the foot of Torgiano, we meet the Tiber River, which leads us, following its course to Deruta. A small common stretch takes us back to the previous village, and then on to the foothills, to Cannara.

Optional: To end the day on a high note, you can visit the flavored oil mill that mixes the art of tradition with state-of-the-art tools.

Day 4 Cannara- Montefalco- Spoleto

The fourth day will be dedicated to the combination of wine and landscapes.

Montefalco, the “Terrace of Umbria,” is our first stop, famous for Sagrantino. Here, visit historic wineries and be seduced by the intense flavors of the black grape variety.

Our journey continues through hills dotted with vineyards to Spoleto, where history embraces natural beauty. End the day admiring the majesty of the Bridge of Towers and immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere of this culture-rich city. An experience that satisfies both palate and spirit.

Route: You begin your ride by riding along the comfortable Assisi-Spoleto bike path to Bevagna. A short but intense climb leads to Montefalco. You descend down the valley toward Tempietto sul Clitunno and reach Spoleto with a few unpaved sections among the olive trees. In the distance you can enjoy the view of the other villages crossed such as Assisi, Montefalco and nearby Trevi.

Day 5: Spoleto - Norcia

On the fifth day you will cycle along an old railway converted into a charming bike route, connecting Spoleto to the Valnerina through hills, tunnels and viaducts.

Norcia, the birthplace of St. Benedict, nestled between the Sibillini Mountains and surrounded by the beauty of the Valnerina. The home of the Black Truffle and the art of norcina, will welcome you to an unforgettable spectacle of colors, scents and flavors.

The evening will culminate in an unparalleled gastronomic experience with a themed dinner and possibility of truffle tasting at a traditional agritourism.

Route: The now famous Spoleto-Norcia bike path is the star of the ride, allowing you to gradually climb in altitude despite the significant elevation gain. It is a route rich in works such as bridges, viaducts and tunnels of the former railway that runs along the river for long stretches, with glimpses of the small villages, buildings of historical and artistic interest that dot the Valnerina.

Day 6 Norcia - Spellano

this stage of the tour is an opportunity to explore the true essence of Umbria, with its roads surrounded by bursting nature. The waterfalls of Lu Cugnuntu, will give you a regenerating water show. We continue by talking about the thermal water of Triponzo and its benefits.

Our final destination is Sellano, a village that combines tradition and nature in an evocative embrace.

We will stay in the Convent of Acqua Premula, a very special accommodation, rich in history. Take advantage of this trip to discover the hidden beauty of authentic places off the conventional routes.

Route:The day takes you cycling in the most scenic and remote areas of the region, on the border between Marche and Umbria towards Preci. It then enters the Nera Valley on a slight descent, before entering the very green valley of the Vigi River and finally reaching Sellano.

Day 7 Sellano - Rasiglia -Spello

Our adventure continues from Norcia, the gastronomic paradise, to a stage immersed in the secret treasures of Umbria.

Pass through the picturesque villages of Villamagina, Casale and Verchiano, where every stone tells ancient and authentic stories.

You will arrive shortly after at Rasiglia, the ”Umbrian Venice.”. The town, which retains the typical characteristics of a medieval village by gathering in an amphitheater-like structure, is most famous for its springs.

Route: Our last day on the pedals makes the most of the richly wooded valley towards Rasiglia. Next, the climb to Monte Castello, gives a view of the Umbrian valley. From here, a fun descent leads to Foligno, where, skirting the historic center, we soon arrive in Spello.

One of the most beautiful abbeys in this area is that of Sassovivo, with its marvelous 12th-century marble cloister, built by Pietro di Maria, a Roman marble worker. Discover the history, testimonies and curiosities of this historic and artistic monument, which was a residence and center of high spirituality.

Last stop, Foligno, with ancient origins traceable in elegant architecture and precious paintings.

Day 8 end of the tour Spello

We end the tour in the magnificent Spello, which combines its medieval character, with winding alleys and ancient stone houses, with numerous vestiges of Roman times, such as the city walls, along the route of which the gates still well preserved, the remains of the theater, amphitheater and baths opened.


The discovery continues independently. Thank you and see you on the next adventure!

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Wish to experience life as a protagonist

Umbria, diamond city and hidden villages

Starting from €799
  • What is included?
  • 7 nights with breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Third party civil liability coverage, medical expenses and lost baggage for residents in Italy
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  • Extra activities
  • Bike and accessories rental
  • Overnight stay tax (around one or two euros per night)
  • Drinks with meals
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Frequently asked questions

How does the self-guided tour work?

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How does the luggage transfer work?

The staff of Basecamp523 will pick up your luggage from the accommodation where you stayed and you will find it at your next destination.

Can I participate with my own bike?

 Yes, if it is in good condition and suitable for the recommended itinerary.

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You can participate alone by paying a supplement for a single room to be quoted based on the season, contact us.

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How can I cancel the reservation if I have major problems?
In case of withdrawal from the travel contract, the consumer is required to pay a penalty, calculated based on the number of days missing at the start of the trip.

The calculation of days does not include the day of withdrawal, whose written communication must arrive on a working day preceding the start of the trip:

a) withdrawal up to 31 days before the start of the trip: 10% on the total amount b) withdrawal from 30 to 21 days before the start of the trip: 25% on the total amount

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