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Have you ever felt the call of nature so strongly that you wanted to leave everything behind and follow your heart? At Basecamp523, we know what that means. Our adventure began in Berlin, a vibrant city that taught us so much, but from which we moved away to follow a bigger dream: that of a more authentic existence.

Why "Basecamp523"?

 At 523 meters above sea level, in Marco’s ancestral home, we found not just our refuge, but the starting point for a new challenge. Here, among the mountains that have witnessed our growth, base camp takes on a deeper meaning: it’s the place of waiting and preparation, just as for climbers who scan the sky for the perfect weather window for their ascent. Basecamp523 is not just a name; it’s a promise: to always start with the intention to explore, learn, and grow.

Un viaggio in bicicletta verso la bellezza della semplicita’

A Bicycle Journey towards the beauty of semplicity:

The spark that ignited our path was a transformative experience - a bike trip that changed Marco's perspective on life, taking him from the vast landscapes of Patagonia to the decision to change course towards a more conscious and sustainable existence. Are you ready to change your route?

Our values



We believe in living every moment with joy and passion, turning every experience into a unique opportunity for happiness and sharing.



Our vision of sustainability encompasses the protection of the environment, the promotion of social equity, and the support of a fair economy, for a prosperous and sustainable future for all.



We strive to be a source of creativity and innovation, stimulating potential in everyone and inspiring positive change in our community and beyond.

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